Why a museum for passports?

World passport museum has been planned for opening in 2021, will exhibit rare historical collection of travel documents, passports and other identification papers from 16th-19th century from over 200 countries

World passport museum

The History of passports in itself is quite fascinating, and learning about how people traveled from one kingdom to another in ancient times is extremely interesting. Today there many collectors who show great passion in collecting such papers from history from auctions and antique shops or flea markets.


We firmly believe old identity papers such as passports, visas, citizenship papers as a real human art.


They reveal quite a story into their past lives such as travel history, family genealogy, government administration, technologies and many more.


Many Valuable papers and old documents have been destroyed, thrown away or destroyed for being worthless.  We want to save history and preserve them from becoming extinct! These documents have no value lying around in attic or online. They must be exhibited in a museum for real eyes to see its intrinsic value.


Further, The world is fast pacing towards digital world and soon paper passports will be extinct and phased out. There arise a greater need to preserve paper documents with human writings.


These days passports and most papers are printed and have lost human handwritings completely except signatures. We are increasingly used to read printed documents, it become almost impossible to read human handwritings almost a century ago. New digital technologies such as ipads, mobiles, have made handwritings almost extinct. These days we only use handwriting for signatures.


Passports of very famous people like einstein were exhibited in famous museums while many are extremely collectible. In some countries like Australia, aboriginal tribes used decorated woods and masks as identity paper (passport) to travel from one place to another


We are ready to take this historical adventure forward and the museum will collect historical passports from 1600’s from over 200 countries. It is quite a daunting task.  It will be a non-profit organization which means the museum will be built slowly from public donations and contributions. We will also work with big museums and Governments in the future.


The Museum aims to exhibit extremely rare masterpieces of documents with historical significance in co-operation with other museums and governments national archives when it opens after 2021.


The museum will exhibit the following collection from 16th century


  • Historical Passports
  • Travel documents
  • Miltary passports
  • Citizenship/Naturalization certificates
  • Identity papers
  • Immigration papers
  • Naval sea passports
  • Visas
  • Alien registration certificates


Please if you find any rare old identity papers, travel documents, please consider donating to museum. Full credit will be given to you and be a part of history! It will still be your property and museum will not own it.