1820 Kingdom of Prussia Passport

This is 1820 Passport (Reisepass) from Kingdom of Prussia issued to Carl Kretschmar which is almost 200 years old today.


The Kingdom of Prussia (Königreich Preußen) was a German kingdom that constituted the state of Prussia between 1701 and 1918.  It was the driving force behind the unification of Germany in 1871 and was the leading state of the German Empire until its dissolution in 1918


Prussian Currency


This passport was issued for 35 EGH

The Thaler (sometimes Reichsthaler) was the currency of Prussia until 1857.

Until 1821, the thaler was subdivided in Brandenburg into 24 Groschen, each of 12 Pfennige. In Prussia proper, it was subdivided into 3 Polish Gulden = FL = Zloty , each of 30 Groschen (each Groschen = 18 Pfennige) or 90 Schilling. Prussia’s currency was unified in 1821, with the Thaler subdivided into 30 Silbergroschen, each of 12Pfennige.

In 1857, the Prussian Thaler was replaced by the Vereinsthaler, having become the standard across much of Germany.


1820 Prussia Passport



This passport has several visas issued from 1820’s from Bremen, Hagen by police.


Prussian passport visas


This is another seal cleared for travel to New York in 1835