Passport Museum

Historical collection of passports and travel and identity, documents from medieval period.

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Museum Opening

The Museum is planned for opening in 2021 in London and Zurich

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Donations and contributions from the volunteers are welcome.

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Since 1993

About us

The World Passport Museum is currently a  non-profit startup which will showcase historical identity documents such as passports, visas, travel or other documents from 1600's to 1900's dating back to centuries. The museum is planned for opening in 2021 in London and Zurich. The museum will display collections from over 200 countries.

We see that old identity papers as a true human art. They tell quite a story! Many such valuable papers have been destroyed, thrown away or destroyed for being worthless.  We want to save this history and preserve them with utmost devotion!



Donations or contributions of any form are welcome.

If you have any old identity papers, passports, visas, or other citizenship certificates, please consider donating it to the museum. We will give you credit and it will still be of your ownership. We will display donated by in the exhibit.

We take small donations or contributions from $10. You can donate here


For more information or donations, please email us at